Mon–Fri 11.30–15.00

Week 22

Distillery’s salad (LF, GF)

Fresh green salads, tomatoes, cucumber, melons, fresh onion and house vinaigrette
Add chicken, grilled jumbo shrimps, falafel or halloumi cheese

13,5 €

Pasta of the week (LF)

Chickenpasta Limonello

13,5 €

Lunch wings 16 pcs

13,5 €

Fish of the week (LF)

Jumbo Shrimp and salmon skewer with ratatouille vegetables

15,9 €

NYC Style cheeseburger (LF)

Local beef patty, cheddar, marinated red onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce, chili mayo and fries

15,9 €

Veggie burger (LF)

Beyond meat burger patty, smoked flavor vegan cheddar, vegan aioli, marinated red onion, pickles, fries

15,9 €