Halloumi fries & yoghurt dip (LF, GF)

Halloumi fries & yoghurt dip

9,0 €

Grilled Jumbo Shrimps & Garlic Mayo (LF, GF)

Grilled jumbo shrimps and garlic mayo

12,0 €

Crispy Jerusalem artichokes and vegan mayo (lf, Gf)

Deep fried Jerusalem artichokes and vegan mayo

7,0 €

Traditional beef tartar (LF, GF)

Traditional beef tartar

14,0 €

Salmon pastrami, pickles and fennel salad (LF, GF)

Salmon pastrami, pickles, fennel salad and sour cream

13,0 €

Snails & Blue Cheese (LF)

Garlic-parsley snails on toast and Stilton blue cheese

13,0 €


Fish & Chips (LF, GF)

Fat Lizard beer battered cod, mashed pea, tartar sauce and crispy fries

24,0 €

Grandma´s meatballs (LF, GF)

Meat balls in creamy cognac sauce, crossed potatoes,
caramelized onions and pickles

22,0 €

Classic Veal Schnitzel (LF, GF)

Roasted horseradish potatoes and anchovy butter

26,0 €

Steak & Bearnaise (LF, GF)

Black Angus sirloin steak, fries, roasted onion and bearnaise butter

30,0 €

Distillery’s salad (LF, GF)

Fresh green salads, tomatoes, cucumber, melons, fresh onion and house vinegrette
Add on chicken, smoked salmon or halloumi cheese

21,0 €

Burgers & sandwich

NYC Style cheeseburger (LF)

Local beef patty, cheddar, fresh onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce and chorizo-aioli,fries

19,0 €

Buttermilk fried chicken Caesar burger (LF)

Anchovy-parmesan mayo, bacon, tomato and lettuce, fries

21,0 €

Veggie burger (LF)

Beyond meat burger patty, smoked flavor vegan cheddar,
Vegan mayo, fresh onion, pickles, tomato, lettuce

19,0 €

Reuben sandwich (GF)

Beef brisket, gruyere cheese, sauerkrout and chilimayo

17,0 €

Henry´s chicken wings (LF, GF)

Medium or hot; choose your way?
Choose your dip; Blue Cheese, Aioli, Chili mayo, BBQ

Small 10 pcs

13,0 €

Large 18 pcs

19,0 €


French fries

5,0 €

Parmesan fries

7,0 €

Roasted horseradish potatoes

Roasted potatoes and horseradish

7,0 €

Roasted baby gem

Roasted baby gem

5,0 €

Mixed leaf salad

Green salad and vinaigrette

5,0 €


Chocolate brownie (LF)

Chocolate brownie, salty caramel ice cream and rasperry

9,0 €

Panna cotta

Coconut cream panna cotta and pineapple rum sauce

9,0 €