Halloumi fries & yoghurt dip (LF, GF)

Halloumi fries & yoghurt dip

9,0 €

Grilled Jumbo Shrimps & Garlic Mayo (LF, GF)

Grilled jumbo shrimps and garlic mayo

12,0 €

French fries (LF, GF) + dip

7,5 €

Waffle fries (LL) + dip

8,5 €

Loaded fries (LF, GF)

French fries, pickeld jalapeno, spring onions and garlic mayo

10,5 €


Fish & Chips (LF, GF)

Fat Lizard beer battered cod, mashed pea, tartar sauce and crispy fries

24,0 €

Classic Veal Schnitzel (LF, GF)

Veal Schnitzel, fresh cucumber-potato salad and grilled lemon

26,0 €

Distillery’s salad (LF, GF)

Add: chicken fillet, prawns, halloumi cheese or falafels
Fresh green salad, tomatoes, cucumber, melons, marinated red onions and house vinaigrette

21,0 €

Distillery’s bowl (LF, GF)

Add: chicken fillet, prawns, halloumi cheese or falafels
Herb quinoa, avocado, roasted vegetables, red cabbage and tahini dressing

22,0 €

NYC Style cheeseburger (LF)

Finnish burger patty, cheddar, pickles, marinated red onions, salad, chili mayo and fries

19,0 €

Veggie burger (LF)

Beyond meat burger patty, smoked vegan cheddar, vegan aioli, marinated red onion, pickled cucumber and fries

19,0 €

Crispy teriyaki baby back ribs (LF, GF)

Crispy Teriyaki glazed baby back ribs with Asian style coleslaw

22,0 €

Cheese Steak sandwich (LF)

Ox flank steak on toasted bread, caramelized onions, horse radish mayo, emmental cheese and fries

22,0 €

Henry´s chicken wings (L, G)

Sauces: Medium, Hot, XHot, XXhot, XXXhot, Spicy Garlic
Dips: Aurajuusto (G), Ranch (L, G), Chilimajoneesi (G,VE), XHot aurajuusto (G), Aioli (G, VE)

10 pcs

13,5 €

16 pcs

17,5 €

20 pcs

21,0 €

25 pcs

24,9 €

Double veggies

1,9 €

Extra sauce for wings

2,9 €

Extra dip

1,9 €


Queen Eton mess (LL, GF)

Meringue, vanilla cream, blueberries and raspberries, roasted white chocolate

8,0 €

Henry’s classic shake Valkoinen Mörkö

2 cl Koskenkorva, 2 cl De Kuyper Cacao, chocolate sauce, soft serve ice cream

15,0 €

Henry’s classic shake Valkoinen Mörkö (VIRGIN)

Milk shake with chocolate sauce and soft serve ice cream

9,0 €